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Thursday, September 24, 2009

First Word!

I'm not kidding.  At nine months Verity can say "Mama."  And not in one of those nonsensical ramblings where babies just go "mamamamamamamama" forever.  She calls out for me and says "Mama."  You can ask Charissa and Britt - they've both heard it.  Actually, Charissa was the one that heard it first.  Apparently Verity said "Mama" and Charissa got really excited and kept asking her to say it again.  And true to Treece Girl Form, Verity is pronouncing it with a whine.  "Daddy" gets to be a happy sound, but "Mama" is a whine that seems to convey "I'm in need of some help and I'm going to make this pitiful sound until you meet my needs."  

Tomorrow we go to the doctor for Verity's 9 month check up so hopefully we'll hear that all is well and she's growing on track!

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