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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday Tip - Research Before You Buy

A couple weeks ago we thought we were going to have to buy Verity a new carseat. She was barely squeezing in with a normal shirt on, and she couldn't wear a jacket at all. Not a good thing with winter quickly approaching.* We have a Britax Marathon for Charissa which we love because it's so easy to install, and we thought we'd just get another one of those. But, being the crazy person that I am, I wasn't going to do anything until I did a little research. One of my favorite resources is Consumer Reports because they are an independent company that tests products in lots of different ways so you can get a very well-balanced assessment. For instance, for carseats CR checks crash protection, ease of installation, durability, size, and tons of other things. After looking over all the carseats they tested, I wasn't surprised to see that the Britax was high-ranking, but I was surprised that it was #2. And I was even more surprised when I saw what was #1 - the Cosco Scenera. I've seen the Cosco brand around, and I know people that have their carseats, but I was really shocked that the $70 (!!!) carseat beat out the $280 one. The Britax and the Cosco scored the same on every test except one - the crash safety in which the Cosco got a higher score. What in the world! So save $210 and then have a safer car seat? You can bet that we will be buying the Cosco Scenera.

So a half hour at Barnes & Nobles sipping Starbucks with my husband ends up saving us $210. That's a pretty good deal to me. It just goes to show that the most expensive thing is not always the best product. Moral of the story: do a little research before you purchase.

*It turns out that one of the straps was caught on the underside of the carseat and so once we fixed that Verity has a lot more room.

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