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Friday, February 12, 2010

Alphabet Cards are a Bit Subjective

This week we started doing some preschool activities in the morning.  We have a set of alphabet cards that has the letter and then a picture with something that starts with that letter.  This concept has been around forever I'm sure, and I guess companies try to switch up the objects so that they have something different - but it's posed a bit of a problem for us.  Here are the ones that Charissa got wrong:

"H, h, h is for Chicken!" {picture of a hen}
"L, l, l is for salad!" {picture of a leaf}
"P, p, p is for bucket!" {picture of a pail}
"Q, q, q is for blanket!" {picture of a quilt}
"R, r, r is for broom!" {picture of a rake}
"Cross is for train!" {letter "t"}
"Y, y, y is for ball!" {ball of yarn}

It's tough being in preschool. :)

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