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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Looking for a SWAT Team - Mommy Edition

For the most part, by God's grace, I feel like I can deal with a lot of what the girls throw at me.  There haven't been too many times when I've just stood there and wondered how in the world I was going to proceed.  Well ... this morning I had one of those moments.

We were out running two quick errands: first to CVS because Southern Savers has convinced me that I need to be "CVS-ing," and then we were going to go to Joann's to pick up 1 pattern (in and out only getting 1 pattern?  A SWAT team would have been needed just for that).  So we're about 2 minutes away from pulling into the CVS parking lot, when I hear Verity start kind of coughing and struggling.  I glance to the back and see that she's throwing up ... a lot.  And then Charissa starts squealing and crying because she doesn't know what's wrong with Verity but she knows enough to be disgusted by it.  

We pull into the parking lot and I go open Verity's door and just look at her.  She was so pitiful! I stood there wondering how in the world I was going to get her cleaned up (without getting sick myself).  I was really wishing that someone would come along and rescue me from this task, but no such luck.  Thankfully, I had enough supplies in my emergency bag to get her cleaned up and some new clothes put on.  

And since I'm one of those crazy people that hates to get so close to my task and not accomplish it, we still went to CVS.  It went really well, except Charissa kept telling everyone that Verity threw up "all over herself and it was yucky!"  And then on the way home we had the windows down to avoid the smell, but Charissa told me "the wind was messing up her hair."  Three years old and already concerned about her hair.  

What a morning!

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