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Monday, August 16, 2010

Silly Girls

Most mornings after breakfast I send the girls into their room to make their beds and change their clothes.  Of course, Verity isn't able to do either, but it gets her in the habit of seeing what needs to be done.  Well this morning I go into their room and discover that Verity has put on 4 pairs of undies over her pajamas.  Like so:
Well, truth be told, she had them in various levels around her legs.  She couldn't quite get them up.  When she saw me she made a great show of how proud she was of herself and then asked for help to finish the job.  

And today, the big sister joined in the fun.  She decided to dress in her fluffy skirt and a pink shirt - which is backwards.  
And how about how CJ looks taller than the couch?  I was on the floor when I took the picture and I must have angled it just right to make her look like a giant.  

Later in the morning CJ decided to measure Verity a la Mary Poppins.  Her reading was "A good little sis."

Love those girls!

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