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Monday, August 09, 2010

Things I Love - Aladdin Recycled & Recyclable Snack Container

I was at Target two weeks ago with Charissa and we decided to look through the back-to-school section, more for nostalgic reasons than looking for anything particular.  But we stumbled across Aladdin Recycled & Recyclable Snack Container.  We love it!  I quickly snatched up one for each girl.  Imagine - no more crushed goldfish/cheerios/crackers in baggies at the bottom of your purse or diaper bag!

Things I Love About It:

  • The container is slim and fits easily in my purse
  • The lid lifts and folds to flat against the body so it's not always in the way
  • It's the right size for a single-serving snack for toddlers/preschoolers
  • At $6.99 it's not unreasonably priced.  It's about the price of two boxes of ziploc bags, so it'll pay for itself quickly.  
  • No more bags!!  Not only is that better for the crumbs in my purse, but it's a more eco-friendly. 
What I'm Not Crazy About:
  • The whole in the top where the snack comes out is just big enough for Verity to put her hand in, but when she has the food in her hand she can't get it back out.  It's like one of those monkey traps ... except Verity is not of "low intelligence."  So each time we get it out we have to have a relearning session where we show her how to pour the food into her hand.
In summation: I like it, my girls like it, and my purse is cleaner because of it. It's a win, win, win!

Also, while we were there we got  "lunch purses."  Charissa got a ladybug, and Verity got a lady-frog (she has long eyelashes).  One of my favorite things about them is that they come with matching icepacks.  A-dorable.  And before you become worried about how much I spent on them, at Target the lunch bags were only $8 - not $40 like on Amazon. 

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