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Friday, August 13, 2010

A Very Special Day

Do you know who this baby is?  This is my NIECE!!!  That's right everyone - I am now an aunt!  Which I've only been waiting on for like 6 years.  My sister-in-law only labored for 8 hours, and had NO drugs.  Nothing. At. All.  She's my new hero.  And look at that sweet face!
I didn't know how I was going to feel holding this new little one.  So many of my dear friends have had babies and I wondered if it would be the same as that.  But this was so different.  When I held her I almost wanted to cry.  That was MY niece.  She is always going to be in my life.  She's family.  I get the privilege of watching her hopefully grow into a Godly woman.  Such an occasion should not be taken lightly.  Which is why I made these:

The girls definitely needed to be showing their support of little Gillian.  And they were both so excited.  Charissa was hopping down the hall and couldn't wait to finally meet her cousin.  Verity kept wanting to stroke her head and would say, "Bay-bee".  So sweet!

And do you know what else is sweet?  How close sisters can be.  Like so:

I'd like to imagine CJ is saying, "Now tell me the truth, Verity.  Does my armpit stink?"

So glad to have another little girl in the family!!

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