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Monday, October 18, 2010

My Young Picasso

Do you have one of those kids that loves to draw?  One who comes up with all sorts of pictures with elaborate concepts?  Well ... CJ isn't one of those kids.  She's never loved to draw.  And now that she's "older", she's become frustrated that her drawings don't "look right."  We've tried to do nothing but encourage her in her efforts, but she was still hesitant.  I recently picked up a book at The Homeschool Gathering Place called Draw Right Now.  It makes drawing so easy!  Step-by-step instructions where a complicated image is made up of a series of incredibly easy steps. It's awesome!  And this was Charissa's first attempt at a chicken:

Sure - you may not have known what it was if I hadn't told you, but considering that before this she was basically scribbling - I'm floored.  Later that day she even drew another chicken, and while it deviated heavily from the first, I could see that she was drawing it out step-by-step and was thinking through it.

Worth every penny to see Charissa happy and confident in her drawings.

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