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Friday, January 14, 2011

Oh the Duchess!

Since we are the car everyday for at least an hour, I thought it was a good opportunity to listen to some books on tape.  We got a smattering of Dr. Seuss, James and the Giant Peach, Charlotte's Web, Anne of Green Gables, and Alice in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass.  Right now we are listening to Alice and Wonderland and really enjoying it.  The girls haven't seen the movie, so it's brand new to them.  I read the book years and years ago, but it's so different when you listen to it.  I wondered if the girls were going to be able to enjoy this book as it was above their level, but all day long I hear things like "Oh the Duchess!  Oh the Duchess!" or "I'm going to be late!" or, my personal favorite, "Do cats eat bats?  Do bats eat cats?"  And since the story is told in an English accent, CJ is trying her best to imitate it.  It's actually pretty good.

I think Charlotte's Web is next.  Can't wait for the Wilbur discussions!

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