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Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Bit of What Our Life Looks Like

The other day I walked into the girls room to find Charissa reading a book to Gillian.  She wasn't actually reading this book, but she was quoting it - and adding some great inflections.  

This look on Gillian's face is what caused me to dub her Senorita Suspiciousa when she first started spending her days with us.  She would furrow her brow and look at your like you were crazy all the time.  Such a funny baby!

And what was Verity doing while the other two were being so precious?  She was sitting in the living room crying because she couldn't get her size 8 foot into her size 6 pair of shoes.  To be fair, they were the most adorable pair of shoes she ever owned.  But they are WAAAAY too small now.  Poor little girl.

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