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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Silver Lining of Sickness

My little girls have been very sick this week.  Verity started it on Saturday night and CJ chimed in today.  I hate when my girls are sick.  They change from bouncy, silly little girls to pitiful little rag-dolls who just lay around.  But I am truly thankful that they aren't whiny or irritable.

While I despise that they are sick, I have loved some of the precious moments I have gotten with each of them.  Verity and I stayed up almost all night on Saturday.  We sat on the couch, watched Anne of Green Gables, and cuddled together.  Tonight I sat with Charissa until she fell asleep and we had such wonderful pillow talk.  And when she got really sleepy she just cuddled into me and batted those huge lashes of hers and fell asleep in my arms.  I can't remember the last time she fell asleep in my arms.

I love these moments.  I hope that my girls remember them.  I hope they remember that Mama snuggled them and held them close when they were sick.  I pray they always know that when they need comforting they can call on me.  I'm not afraid to get into the mess with them.  I know that I may get sick from them, but I wouldn't trade my sweet time with them at all.

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