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Friday, June 24, 2011

Catching Up on Some Play Time

I had intended on having a few play dates this week with some friends, but I ended up getting really sick (like the "I can't breathe" kind of sick), so most of our plans were postponed.  However, we were able to go out to the park on Thursday and then the pool today.  I can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed these little outings with my girls.  It's been so long since the three of us have just been able to go play together.  We just took our time and had fun being together.  We walked trails at the park, we saw a deer (!!), and had a great time climbing up and down all the play equipment.  And at the pool we were able to splash around (mostly splashing me) and have a great time with our dear friend Kylie.

One of the most amazing things about these two trips was how easy it was to get packed up and out of the house with only two kids!  And how little stuff I had to take!  It was unbelievable.  I only had to take one small cooler bag to the park yesterday instead of the usual stroller, diaper bag, milk, and then the girls stuff.  And I don't take babies to the pool if I have other kids with me.  It's just too hard.  Instead, we play with our pool in the backyard.

But don't think for one minute it's all grins and giggles without Gillian.  Pretty much everyday Charissa asks me when Gillian is coming back, and Verity still corners off certain things as being only for Gillian.  Just yesterday Charissa looked at a picture of Gillian and said, "Oh sweet Gilly ... when are you ever coming back to me?"  So precious ... and sad. Can't wait for our first playdate with sweet G as her aunt and not her nanny!

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