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Monday, June 27, 2011

Fancy Horses

For Christmas the girls got these little plastic doll sets of Cinderella and Belle.  Each set had several different outfits, a horse and carriage, and the doll's love interest (Prince Charming and the Beast).  It's been one of the girls favorite toys to play with because they love taking the dresses on and off and acting out the story lines with the dolls - with some major changes of course.  

This morning they were playing with their dolls while I was cleaning the kitchen.  Verity came running in and said "Help! Help! Skirt on!"  Thinking she wanted to put a skirt on Belle, I stopped to help her.  But that's not what she wanted.  She was asking to put a skirt on Belle's horse.  It was so funny!  What's also funny was that she realized the skirts wouldn't fit like on Belle, so she had a skirt for each leg.  

 I just love this picture because Verity looks like a giant and I think it's hilarious.  

 Not one to be left out, Charissa joined in on the fun and soon both of their horses were all gussied-up and ready to go out on the town.  They then started making up stories about how they were Cinderella and Belle's horses and they were off to the woods to do something (I couldn't quite follow what was going on).

 It was really fun to watch.  And they played for such a long time!  But eventually the game was abandoned ...

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