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Thursday, June 29, 2006

So Our Community Group Invaded Our House . . .

There was a time in many of our lives in which we lived more or less without the involvement of God's local church. Those days are gone now, and we don't miss them.

During our honeymoon, our community group invaded our house. They brought banners and cards and food and teddy bears, and generally made our house a happy place to come home to. We enjoyed it and love them dearly!

So we praise Jesus for Shawn and Heather and Tyler and the Breeds and the Sylvesters and Dana and Amy and Kristin and Ben and Megan and the Atkinsons !!! You all are God's blessing to us !!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wedding Pictures !!!

Hey guys, B and B here, just letting you know that you can access our wedding pictures

by logging in as "marty dehart" (the husband of our photographer)
then typing in as the password the name my wife generally goes by

then, Peruse!
Be amazed!

Let us know whatcha think!

God was very good to us on our wedding day. We enjoyed it very much.