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Monday, November 20, 2006

Roses and Mr. Clean?

For our Sunday afternoon of enjoying each other's company, Britt and I went to the Arboretum to walk around and see what was still alive. Amazingly, a lot of flowers were still there and the trees were beautiful. And like every time we go to the Arboretum together, some lady is walking around in a wedding dress.

But the most interesting event of the walk was at the rose garden. We were smelling all the roses that were somehow still managing to survive through the cold when we stopped at a flower named "Mr. Lincoln." We smelled it and Britt says, "Wow - that's really strong. Like perfume or something." I smelled it again and said "No ... it smells like cleaning products ... it's Mr. Clean!" That's right - there is a flower that smells exactly like Mr. Clean.

So the next time you use Mr. Clean, instead of saying it smells like cleaning products, you can say, "Wow - my bathroom smells like fresh roses!"