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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Puppet Show!

Last week we made sock puppets and since then we've been having a great time playing with them.  The other day the girls asked if they could put on a puppet show, so we threw a blanket over a thin table and made a make-shift puppet stage for them.  

Initially the girls told princess stories and one story about Hello Kitty, but with orange hair.  

Then after a little bit, daddy took over one of the puppets and he and Charissa acted out a story that they had written earlier in the week.  That's right - they wrote and illustrated a book, then turned it into a play, and then performed it.  :)  It's pretty adorable.  You have to turn your volume up, but it's worth the minute to watch.

Jun 29, 2011

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Monday, June 27, 2011

Fancy Horses

For Christmas the girls got these little plastic doll sets of Cinderella and Belle.  Each set had several different outfits, a horse and carriage, and the doll's love interest (Prince Charming and the Beast).  It's been one of the girls favorite toys to play with because they love taking the dresses on and off and acting out the story lines with the dolls - with some major changes of course.  

This morning they were playing with their dolls while I was cleaning the kitchen.  Verity came running in and said "Help! Help! Skirt on!"  Thinking she wanted to put a skirt on Belle, I stopped to help her.  But that's not what she wanted.  She was asking to put a skirt on Belle's horse.  It was so funny!  What's also funny was that she realized the skirts wouldn't fit like on Belle, so she had a skirt for each leg.  

 I just love this picture because Verity looks like a giant and I think it's hilarious.  

 Not one to be left out, Charissa joined in on the fun and soon both of their horses were all gussied-up and ready to go out on the town.  They then started making up stories about how they were Cinderella and Belle's horses and they were off to the woods to do something (I couldn't quite follow what was going on).

 It was really fun to watch.  And they played for such a long time!  But eventually the game was abandoned ...

Friday, June 24, 2011

Catching Up on Some Play Time

I had intended on having a few play dates this week with some friends, but I ended up getting really sick (like the "I can't breathe" kind of sick), so most of our plans were postponed.  However, we were able to go out to the park on Thursday and then the pool today.  I can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed these little outings with my girls.  It's been so long since the three of us have just been able to go play together.  We just took our time and had fun being together.  We walked trails at the park, we saw a deer (!!), and had a great time climbing up and down all the play equipment.  And at the pool we were able to splash around (mostly splashing me) and have a great time with our dear friend Kylie.

One of the most amazing things about these two trips was how easy it was to get packed up and out of the house with only two kids!  And how little stuff I had to take!  It was unbelievable.  I only had to take one small cooler bag to the park yesterday instead of the usual stroller, diaper bag, milk, and then the girls stuff.  And I don't take babies to the pool if I have other kids with me.  It's just too hard.  Instead, we play with our pool in the backyard.

But don't think for one minute it's all grins and giggles without Gillian.  Pretty much everyday Charissa asks me when Gillian is coming back, and Verity still corners off certain things as being only for Gillian.  Just yesterday Charissa looked at a picture of Gillian and said, "Oh sweet Gilly ... when are you ever coming back to me?"  So precious ... and sad. Can't wait for our first playdate with sweet G as her aunt and not her nanny!

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Elbow

A while ago Charissa hurt her elbow, and since I already had my camera out, I asked her if I could get a picture of the hurt elbow.  Like so:
 I had no idea what I was starting.  Verity apparently thought that an elbow picture was the coolest  thing ever, and for a while that's all I got from her:
 It may be a million degrees outside, but Verity felt the need for a toboggan.

 I caught her before she could really get it up there.

Sweet little girl!  She's so silly.  Hopefully she'll stop showing me the chicken wing soon!

Bye Bye Baby

Last Thursday was my last day nannying sweet Gillian.  It was a bittersweet day for us.  I am looking forward to spending some more intentional time with my girls and being able to do some non-baby-friendly activities (like the library and the pool!).  But, the house is quieter.  And there's an empty room in my house.

But you can expect to see me around here more!  And maybe doing a few more projects.  I have a list a mile long of things I want to do, so you maybe see some of that creeping up around here.