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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Two Great Books

Another reason why I haven't been blogging lately is because I've been working on Christmas presents. My goal was to have all my presents done by Thanksgiving (bought/made and wrapped), but I still have a few to go. I would say I'm 90% done though - which is still amazing! Britt and I started looking for houses in the middle of October, so I had a feeling that we would be moving in December and that wouldn't make Christmas preparations very easy.

I made a lot of my gifts this year, and there are two books that I want to recommend to you. The first is Better Homes and Gardens Gifts to Make. It has tons of ideas, and most of them are very affordable and easy.

The second book is Simply Handmade: 365 Easy Projects for Every Occasion. In this book, they arrange their ideas by season and they have some really cool decorating ideas.

I would tell you what projects I did, but some of the people I'm giving them to read this blog so that just wouldn't be a very smart idea.

I checked both of these books out of the local library. (And by the way - use your local library more. The library has so many cool things there and such great resources!) Actually, I checked out like 8 books on gifts and crafts, but these two are my favorite.

Don't despair with Christmas coming up - presents can be both affordable and fun! I certainly had fun working on all my projects, and I'm really looking forward to giving them.

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