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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Love Two-Year-Olds!

Two-year-olds are full of boundless energy and crazy sayings.  Life is always crazy, but usually fun.  Sometimes when we have people over and Charissa is running around crazy and Verity is squealing and the noise is so great that conversation is hard, I look at our guests and say, "I'd like to say that they're acting up for your benefit, but this is just our life."  

My friend Dana once made a list of things you could hear her saying throughout the week.  Things like "Don't play the piano with your gun" and "Don't wear a blindfold down the stairs."  Well I think I'm going to start my own list.  Last night you could have heard me saying, "Charissa, don't ride your sister.  She's not a horse."  Poor Verity.  So long suffering.  Actually, I think Verity enjoys her sister's company so much that she doesn't care what they do. 

And another joy of two-year olds is that they are a wealth of knowledge and wisdom.  They know everything!  Like tonight we were talking before dinner and Charissa was very excited about her chocolate milk and we were talking about how it comes from "cow milk."  She then got very serious and said, "Cow's milk is hot dogs."  ??????  What is that about?  Totally bizarre.  

She keeps me laughing that's for sure.  

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