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Friday, August 04, 2006

Piper on Living an Eternally Valuable Life

Yesterday at work I listened to John Piper on Family Life Today" talking about his book, Don't Waste Your Life. His and the hosts' comments reminded me that deep, Biblical thoughts about eternity ought to be the Christian's daily bread. We need to be reminded that life isn't for playing; it's for enjoying and displaying Jesus Christ. Let this talk encourage you to think about the truths of the Bible and their implications in your everyday life.

I thought of:
  • posting more Scripture on our walls
  • reminding each other of eternity more often
  • clinging less tightly to treasured possessions that are not Jesus
  • clinging more tightly to the only Treasure, Jesus
  • giving cheerfully to others
  • praying together more
  • praying with eternity in view
  • talking of eternal wrath and eternal joy with our friends and family
  • using the final judgment to shape our thinking on particular situations
  • living as exiles and sojourners on this earth (Heb 11, 1 Pet 1)
  • becoming obsessed with Christ's heaven instead of hypnotized by this world
  • caring more about Scripture than movies, music, tv, or current events
  • surrounding ourselves with people who help us in these regards
  • ministering to people who need to know that ultimate judgment awaits and that only Christ can save
These are just a few of my own suggestions, and they are certainly not meant to be commands or law. I just want to learn how to live in light of the Savior who shapes our lives on this earth and in eternity.

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