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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

TheTwo-Night Update

Someone recently said that we don't keep you guys up-to-date on our lives enough, so here goes:
  • Sunday nights, we have "Pancakes at the Treeces," and you all are always invited. Stephen, Shem, Sarah, and Supe (the new Quad-Squad) came over and ate tons of food, then we went to see "Over the Hedge," at the $1.50 movie theater. The movie was funny, not to mention convicting. We may have to comment on that sometime . . .

  • Mom came to town yesterday for work, so B and I set up a dinner date with her. She treated us to On the Border, and it was delicious. My burrito was so big it couldn't fit on the plate! We enjoyed lenghty discussions about the faithfulness of God in family, maturity, provision, and life. Thanks for the fun, Mom!
We posted a new section of links to the right called, "Smart," which is meant to give you some help with those "hard to reach" websites like smart movie reviews and translating languages. Okay, basically it's a miscellaneous place to put cool stuff. Check it out.

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