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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My Favorite Pregnancy Moments

At 5 days overdue, I have been spending some time reflecting on the last nine months (and five days). Being pregnant has convinced me yet again that there is a God. And a smart one at that. I've probably read 25-30 books about pregnancy and the first year and I just cannot understand how anyone can believe that this all happened by evolution or accident. There is such attention to detail and every step builds on the last one. It's just miraculous. And then there is the fun of the baby kicking! Or moving. Or bumping around. Or dancing to punk music. (And don't laugh - my baby is a big fan of punk and emo just like her mommy). I think that the first time I felt the baby move I fell in love with her. She started taking on personality and gave me clues to what she might be like. And there is always the fun of me coming up with Charissa's opinions - and who can argue with me? She's in me! I should know her the best, so when I say her favorite show is "Friends" you have to believe me.

I have loved being pregnant, but there have been moments when I have not enjoyed it. And most of those have been because being pregnant is an obvious and open invitation for everyone who sees me to comment about pregnancy and babies. Some of which has been good and helpful, but some has just been irritating. I've tried to learn greater patience and grace through it, but I haven't always succeeded at that. For those of you who have been pregnant you can sympathize. And for you others, you're probably thinking "Oh no - I've probably said those things!" Well ... maybe you have. I bet I have. All I know is that I won't say them again!

I want to share with you my "favorite pregnancy moments." Some sound harmless, but keep in mind that I probably hear them everyday I'm in contact with the outside world.

1. "It's so obvious - you're having a boy!" [Interesting, seeing that my doctor said it is definitely a girl.]
2. "You're getting so BIG!" [I've always been tempted to say "So are you!" but I've never actually done it.]
3. "You look miserable." [Well, I was feeling fine but now I do feel miserable. Thanks.]
4. "You know, none of your clothes are going to fit in another month or so." [Is that an offer to buy me a new wardrobe?]
5. "Are you excited?" [Nope.]
6. "Looks like you've put on a little weight." [Seriously?]
7. "Oh look at your poor legs! They're swelling to look like tree trunks!" [That has got to be the nicest thing anyone has ever said about my legs. Thank you.]
8. "Why, I can't even tell you're pregnant!" [I'm 6 months pregnant! Do you think I'm just fat in weird places?}
9. "Still pregnant huh?" [Why no! I had my baby and then immediately began stuffing my shirts to look pregnant again because it's so cool!]
10. *On the phone* "Did you have your baby yet?" [Sure did! And I was so disappointed about it that I decided not to tell anyone about it.]
11. "You should name your baby ____" [Our government is a democracy. My family is not.]
12. "You ever think about labor and how much it's going to hurt?" [Gee, I thought when God said, "I will greatly increase your pains in childbearing; with pain you will give birth to children" He was just kidding around!]
13. "Wow - you sure do have the 'pregnant glow!'" [It's hot in here and I'm sweating. In fact I think you have the "pregnant glow" too.]

Ahh ... the memories. Sure has been a fun nine months. I just can't wait for the next phase to start. Of course then I'll probably have to put up with things like, "Pregnancy weight sure is hard to lose, isn't it?" and "Your boy is so handsome!" I really am afraid of what I'm going to say when someone calls my beautiful baby girl a boy. God give me grace!

Please continue to pray for us as we enter into our last DAYS of pregnancy!!

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Lory said...

Elizabeth! You make me laugh. I seriously just read your whole post with a smile on my face! Ok, maybe not the whole thing...but most of it! Love you and your sense of humor. :)