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Monday, February 19, 2007

I Need Your Help!

Recently Britt and I have been amazed with the number of babies that are being born at our church. When I got pregnant I was the first of my friends outside of church to be pregnant, and there was only one other woman pregnant that I was close to. Because I didn't know much about pregnancy or how to be a parent and especially not how to afford a child, I read a TON of books. I discovered that about 90% of them are the same and about 50% of what they say is somewhat useless. At least it was for me because I don't have an unlimited nursery budget and I'm living in the real world.

So this got me thinking about how I could help these other young mothers prepare for the arrival of their child. I started assembling the notes I had taken from the books I read into a short packet of information, and then started compiling ways that I had saved money on clothes, diapers, all the big stuff, etc. But then I thought, "I'm only one person that has had one baby (and really recently). I'm sure other people have more experience or different ideas about how to prepare for a baby."

And that's where YOU come in! I would love to hear from as many people as possible about how you saved money preparing for the arrival of your child, what things where really important for you to know, the most helpful advice you heard, what you've learned, what was a good product to have and what wasn't, etc., etc., etc..

I'm really looking forward to compiling this information and giving it to these ladies because I think it would be a huge blessing to them. But it will be much more helpful with your input, so please let me know everything you know about babies!


Big B said...

The most helpful thing I've learned about getting ready for a baby is to get yourself a pair of earplugs, strong earplugs. You'll need them!

Nicole Wilson said...

my sister started trying to buy packages of diapers soon after she got pregnant. her closet was full of them when she had my neice... soon to disappear, of course, but it helped her to spend 8-10 dollars here and there instead of 20-30 a week! :-)

JoshandGrace said...

Yard Sales!
Thrift Stores can be great, but yard sales are even better. Tons of people sell baby stuff and it seems to be in better condition than stuff at thrift stores. We were able to get a beautiful crib and tons of nice baby clothes along with lots of other stuff for super cheap. Just look in the paper on Fridays to find a list of the Saturday yard sales. And call me if you want someone to go with you! :)