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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My Daughter's First Love

Charissa will be one month old tomorrow and she has grown and changed so much. It's fascinating to watch her see things for the first time and her reactions to them. We've discovered that she hates wind and tries to hit it away from her. She only wants to be on her tummy when she has the boppy pillow and if she's flat she'll scream her little head off.

But one thing that I never expected was my daughter to fall in love already. I think she developed a crush when she was about 6 days old and by the time she was two weeks old it was a serious love affair. She'll spend hours and hours just staring at him. It's hilarious to watch her when she's fussy and then she catches a glimpse of him she goes silent and her eyes get really big. I've tried to figure out what she finds so attracting in him, but I think he just quite literally lights up her world.

Here's Charissa staring at her love:

And here is her love:

That's right. Our daughter is in love with the lamp. It fascinates her. She just stares at it for hours, which works well for me because it allows me to read and talk to Britt with her being quiet and completely entertained.

Oh I love my baby! She is so entertaining and fun! And I bet she'll only get funnier as she learns to move and talk.

Tonight when we were at our Community Group Charissa found out that our friends Brian and Julie also have a lamp that is oh-so-nice to look at. I watched her fall for that lamp as well. So apparently her relationship with our lamp at home isn't exclusive!

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