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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I Have the BEST Husband in the World!!

Now, before I inadvertently start a who's-husband-is-better-than-who's competition, let me clarify by saying that my husband is the best husband for me. Your husband is the best husband for you. No competition - just thankfulness.

Why is my husband the best? I'll give you the latest reason. Last night Britt let me take the night off and get away by myself. I haven't had much time to myself lately and so he was gracious enough to watch the baby while I had a "date" with myself. But he planned it for me. And it was a scavenger hunt! When I left the house he handed me 5 letters and told me to have fun and call if I got lost. So I get in my car and open the first one which was an introduction. It basically told me how thankful he was for me and that God had blessed him richly with me. He also told me that he was praying that my night would be refreshing and relaxing. Now for the destinations!

Destination One: Britt wrote a poem about how I wanted to learn and wanted to travel. And where did I go? To my college! He told me to walk around and remember life on campus - where I lived, ate, and went to class. So I walked around for over an hour just remembering all sorts of things from the four years that I was there. I walked around the two buildings that I had the majority of my classes in, the library, my dorm, and just around the campus. And things have changed! Especially the library! It has a wii now for students to play with. Isn't that ridiculous? What happened to good ol' fashion learning and studying in the library? Oh well.

Destination Two: The next letter was a poem about how so many people have loved me and encouraged me from our church. So my task was to go to our pastors' houses and tell them and their wives how much they have blessed me and encouraged me. Well, I took so long at Destination One that I thought it was a bit late to knock on their doors unexpectedly (of course I know that all of them would have welcomed me in and wouldn't have had a problem with it). So I drove over to their houses and sat outside and wrote them letters of how they have encouraged me. After I wrote the letters I crept around and put them in the mailboxes and took pictures of the houses so Britt would know I went there. All went well, except I got caught by one of the wives! She just laughed at me though. I love my church! :)

Destination Three: I got back in my car and read the third letter in which Britt told me that God had provided us with so many spiritual blessings, but God also provides us with many physical blessings. He had enclosed some money and told me to go shopping for some new clothes. How sweet! Only problem was that I had taken so long with Destination One and Two that it was 940. Too late for a shopping trip. So I'll just have to save it for another time. And it's nice to know that I have a shopping trip stored up for the next time I can get away and go out.

Destination Four: My fifth poem! My husband is really good at rhyming words! This one told me go somewhere I could sit and reflect and enjoy a little dessert. Since I had done this when I was on campus, I decided that what I really wanted to do was to get dessert and head back home to my husband where I could share it with him.

Isn't that fun date? And he wasn't even physically with me! It was such a fun night and allowed me to relax and get a break from the demands of Charissa for just a few hours. Which is exactly what I needed because when I came home I wanted to be home and I didn't care that Charissa just wanted to cry (which I think was because she missed me so much while I was gone - at least that's what I hope). I'm so blessed by a husband who understands my needs and provides for them.

I love him. :)

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Nicole Wilson said...

super fun! what a blessing... i'm so glad you shared!!