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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Back to the Nine-to-Five

Well, folks, it was nice being home with my girls for a month, but last week I headed back to work and this week got some regular 9-5 days. My first week with Clearwire has been a blaze of information, computers, internet, contacts, organizing, following-up, malls, new people, driving, and, strangely enough, boredom.

You see, suburban malls in the middle of the day aren't the busiest places on earth. Rather, they're more like the place that people go to stop thinking about how bored they are. So if you're bored in the Raleigh area and want to do some walking and talking and shopping, get in touch with me and we'll hang out in your local suburban mall.

But seriously, I've enjoyed meeting the employees and patrons of our local malls, I have my first appointment with a potential customer next week, and my girls come visit me all the time. And if you know anyone who would like inexpensive, simple, portable internet service in our area, let me know.

Big B

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