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Friday, April 27, 2007

A Very Exciting 24 Hours!

Charissa has had a most exciting last 24 hours! Yesterday afternoon she got her first pedicure. At first she wanted red nail polish, but we finally settled on a pinkish-red color. And after an hour of polishing, removing, and re-polishing she has 10 fancy little toes! She looks like a little lady! Then she got a Bumbo seat! She’s a little young for it, but it’ll be such a fun seat for her in another few weeks. AND THEN she got a jumper! Right now she’s just standing around in it, but we’re sure jumping is coming soon. And to top it all off, we finally got new batteries for her bouncy seat. In fact, after such an exciting 24 hours, she's taking a pretty serious nap in the bouncy seat right now after being gently vibrated to sleepyland.

I feel pretty!

I can sit upright! What a shock!

A little off balance, but very happy!

Charissa doesn't quite now what to do with herself.

She's getting the hang of it now!

PS - For those of you who knew about the Housework Ban I had going on this week, I have to tell you that I was real strong for four days, but today I couldn't take it anymore. Britt and I woke up this morning sneezing from the dust in our bedroom (both of us have pretty bad allergies) and our living room was so cluttered there was really only two places to sit. But four days of no housework is pretty amazing for me! It was a great week. And I had so much fun this week playing with Charissa.

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