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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Tuesday Tip - Kissing Shoes

Charissa loves putting her shoes on when we "go-go" - and of course she insists on doing it herself.  Now with shoes you'd think that there is a 50-50 chance that she'd put the right shoe on the right foot, but she pretty much always got them wrong.  Not that I cared.  It didn't bother her so I just let it go.  But for some reason strangers felt the need to tell her that her shoes were on backwards, and Charissa is a bit sensitive to people laughing at her, so I decided to try to help her put them on the right feet.  After several rounds of "This is your right foot and this is the right shoe" I realized that wasn't going to go anywhere with her.  Fortunately I found* an idea that works: kissing shoes.  You put a little smiley face on the instep of each shoe and teach your child that their shoes are on the right feet when the faces can kiss.  

It works wonders!  Charissa now puts her shoes on the right feet like 95% of the time.  Everyone's happy now!

*Right now I can't remember where I found this.  So if anyone runs across it or knows, please let me know!

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