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Monday, May 04, 2009

The Amazing Technicolor Skirt Sets

Last week I popped into the fabric store to get white and black thread.  That was all.  I just needed two spools of thread.  But then I saw this really fun brightly colored stripedy fabric and I was drawn to it.  And it was on sale!  So I ended up getting it and another coordinating fabric that was also on sale.  I don't always have an intended use for fabrics when I buy them, but this time I knew that I would make skirts out of them.  

I made Charissa a pretty basic little skirt with an elastic waist.  I added a 2 inch trim at the bottom and a little applique flower.  Verity's dress was a bit more complicated.  The skirt of the dress is the same length of Charissa's but I attached it to a white onesie to make it into a dress.  The only onesie I had on hand was a 3-6 month, which worked out fine for now, but I lost a little length in the sewing so she might grow out of it soon.  The next time I'll use a bigger onesie.  But it'll work out ok because I'll just cut off the bottom part of the onesie which she gets too tall for it.  
In addition to the appliques on the front of the skirts, I put one on the back of Verity's onesie.  I love hiney decorations! 
And what outfit is complete without hair accessories?  So here is Charissa's ...
... and this one's Verity's.  Of course after I made it I found out that Verity's head isn't big enough for the headband and keeps flopping off.  Oh well.  

The girls were very cute on Sunday in their little outfits.  As much fun as it was to have a new outfit for Sunday, I don't think I'll be making them every week.  

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