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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

One Year Ago Today . . .

(To My Wife)

One year ago today I took you out to dance
to spin and shake and create romance
and on the ride home I stopped where we met
even if my excuse was too easy to get
you saw right through my little surprise
just like you always do with your clear eyes
and an awkward walk down the old sidewalk
- remember how I could barely talk?
my trembling heart and hands played a song
that He wrote on my heart so many months long
then to kneel and scramble and find the shiny thing
that signifies we two as one - a wedding ring
oh to cry and whisper and hold you so close
maybe we'll do it again tonight, who knows . . .

So we've been on the road so many times,
and staying out late and talking on the line,
working in our house and learning how to be
I know it's hard and I love you so
I can't do it all so let's remember to hope
in the One who is supreme in grace and power
Who comforts and helps in joy hour by hour
He is the one Who is infinitely wise,
Who wills and works and we don't know why,
He is good and He is Christ.

so I put this up for all to see
and I write with smiles of glee,
"I love you more today than I ever have."
Your words and heart and mind and love
are a gift to me from God above
so I love Him more today than I ever have.

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