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Friday, September 22, 2006

The Sovereignty of God in Prayer

"I appeal to you, brothers, by our Lord Jesus Christ and by the love of the Spirit, to strive together with me in your prayers to God on my behalf, that I may be delivered from the unbelievers in Judea, and that my service for Jerusalem may be acceptable to the saints, so that by God's will I may come to you with joy and be refreshed in your company."
Romans 15:30-32

Pastor John Piper in last week's sermon, recounting an older sermon on the same verses:
"In response to prayer, God changes human wills! Otherwise, they're ain't no point in praying! . . . Prayer assumes the sovereignty of God over human wills. The sovereignty of God over human wills is not a problem for prayer, it's the basis of prayer!"
I had a great conversation with a loved family member this last week on this very topic, and this thought should get some more discussion going. For the record, this is exactly what the Bible teaches. Otherwise, why would you pray to God, for people? If He can't and won't touch our beloved free will, what can He do?

Thank God that He has not left us to ourselves, but has invaded our little kingdoms of wicked wills and led us into the infinite kingdom of His beloved Son.

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