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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

God Loves My Baby More Than I do!

Yesterday Charissa and I went out running some errands to finish Britt's birthday presents. While we were at the store Charissa was a bit fussy from being in her car seat for an extended amount of time so I unhooked the straps to give her more breathing room. We finished shopping, came home, and when I took her out of the car, this is what I discovered:

I just started crying and apologizing to Charissa and thanking God that nothing had happened in the 15 minute car ride on the interstate. It occurred to me in the midst of this that God loves my baby much more than I do, or ever could. And not only does He love her more, He loves her better. God would never forget to harness her in her carseat. He doesn't forget anything, and all that He does for her is good.

I am so thankful that I am not in ultimate control of my daughter's life and well-being. There is much more security in the fact that a sovereign, good God who loves her more than I do controls her every breath.

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JoshandGrace said...

Betsy, the same thing happened to me!!! Someone rode in our backseat and accidentally unbuckled the seatbelt that holds the base of Josiah's carseat in. I didn't find it unbuckled until I had driven him around for 2 days!!!! I am sure thankful that God's hand protect our little ones because I know we are prone to errors, but He never overlooks even the tiniest details!