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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What's Wrong With Girls?

Recently I've noticed that there is a large male infant population around us. So much so, that I only know of one other girl under the age of one whereas I know 4 boys under one and two in utero. This is a bit distressing to me. And people will say, "Well that just means that Charissa will have her pick of all the boys!" Ok ... that may be true, but I would also like for her to have a playmate that she can play dolls with or dress-up with.

So, for some of you who may be considering having a child - let me tell you why you should have a girl (not in any particular order):

1. They're pretty.
2. They smell good.
3. All their clothes are pink and white so almost everything matches!
4. They're great cuddlers.
5. Everyone "ohhs" and "ahhs" over how cute and adorable they are (which is true).
6. It's easier to find feminine baby clothes than it is to find masculine baby clothes.
7. They will melt a man's heart with one smile.
8. They will grow up to be great helpers around the house (or at least they should).
9. Small Girls + Unruly, Wispy, Uneven hair = SOOO Cute! (whereas Small Boys + Unruly, Wispy, Uneven hair = Frat Boy in Training)
10. Now who doesn't want one of these?
(Gift wrap is optional.)

All I ask is that you consider it.

PS - Of course if we had a boy we'd be rejoicing that he had so many playmates.


Ben and Becca said...

Ha ha ha! That is so cute and funny. And of course all these babies parents have absolute control over whether it is a boy or girl! :-P (Speaking as one who has a boy in utero) We did so much planning to end up with a boy! ;-D

Becca Mac

Ben and Becca said...

Ha ha ha! That is so cute and funny! And you just know that all us parents having boys had absolute control over the gender of our baby, oh yes, we methodically planned it out so Charissa wouldn't have any girl playmates!;-P