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Monday, June 11, 2007

Charissa's First Swimming Adventure!

Charissa went swimming in her baby pool for the first time today. The doctor my mom works for gave Charissa a bathing suit right after she was born, and we were very anxious to us it. Can you blame us? Have you ever seen such a cute baby bathing suit? Strike that - have you ever seen such a cute bathing suit?

Charissa was a little hesitant at first ...

... and it was a little cold for her liking, but once we warmed it up ...

... the real fun began!


What a happy little girl!

I love this picture because of her feet.

I thought she was going to throw that duck at me!

Again with the happy feet!

After about 45 minutes we took her out because we were afraid she was getting chilly. She definitely would have stayed in if we had let her.

A $4 pool + 1 inch of water = one happy girl!

I'm so glad that Charissa and I could enjoy an afternoon outside splashing around on the front porch. I foresee many an afternoon splashing around this summer!

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