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Friday, August 03, 2007

Solid Fun!

Charissa started solid foods this week! It has been a very exciting transition. I'm even making my own baby food! A friend of mine encouraged me to try and told me it wasn't that hard - which is true! Not that I'm convinces I'll only feed her homemade food, but I am enjoying making it so far. We're not sure if she likes the food yet, but she really enjoys meal time. While she sits in the high chair we're trying to make her smile or laugh because when she does her mouth is wide open and it's real easy to shove some food in. But she's definitely the toughest audience I've ever performed for. All other times of the day she smiles and laughs quite easily, but during mealtime she is stoic. If she does smile, it's a closed-mouth smile. I think she's working us.

Here are some pictures of CJ enjoying her food ...

I know it looks like she's naked, but she does have clothing on.
Her bib is just that big. Or she's really small.

Although it may appear that she is enjoying the food,
she is actually kicking me away with her feet.
As you can see, eating is exhausting.

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