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Monday, June 30, 2008

Strange Things Are Happening ...

What do these things have in common:
  • extra long, strong nails
  • frequent naps
  • 430 AM potty breaks
  • pickles
If you guessed, "The Treeces are having another baby!" then you would be correct! I know most of you know that we are pregnant, but I just wanted to be official and tell everyone. Right now I am 15 weeks along, and we are due on December 22nd. That's right - it's going to be a Christmas baby! This pregnancy has been pretty easy compared to when I carried Charissa - I haven't been nearly as sick and I hardly feel pregnant at all. In fact, I'm still not even showing, which is really odd with the second baby. Oh well - I'm ok with delaying maternity clothes.

We find out on July 25th if we are having a girl or a boy. Feel free to make bets, predictions and random thoughts on what we're having.

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