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Monday, June 23, 2008

When Girls Watch the NBA Finals ...

Last week when the NBA Finals were on I decided that instead of doing my own thing while my husband watched, I would actually watch them with him. In retrospect, I'm not sure that was helpful. If you had been a fly on the wall at our house, this is what you might have heard me say:

  • How do you become a referee for the finals? Do you have to be top in your referee class to get that job? And how come they just wear black shirts instead of the black and white striped ones they used to wear?
  • That player* has weird eyebrows. I think he shaves them. (*The term "that player" was used a lot because I learned only 3 of their names.)
  • The coach looks like a college professor. Do you think he's like one of those high school coaches that teaches classes and does coaching? He really wanted to be a history professor, but somehow got roped into coaching the basketball team?
  • That player is really short. How in the world did he get drafted to play in the NBA? He looks like a midget compared to the other players.
  • What's a "Celtic"? What's their mascot? What is the Lakers' mascot? A giant blue blob?
  • What's with all the Lakers' players having long hair? Are they the hippie team of the league?
  • Do you think that the guys sitting on the bench during the finals feel like they really earn the title of "NBA Champion"?
  • That player needs to shave his goatee off. He looks like a goat.
  • And on and on it went ....
My husband wanted to talk about stats, where the players used to play, team strategies, and stuff like that ... we talked about that some. Mostly he answered my insane barrage of questions about clothing, height, and the personalities of the players.

It just goes to show you that girls can be interested in sports too. Maybe not the same things about those sports as they guys are interested in ...

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Anonymous said...


Alex and I had the very same types of conversations as we watched them last week! I'm glad I am not the only one. I think women like to think about different aspects of sports (like hair and clothing... things we naturally think about a bit more than guys anyways) than stats, which I think are a bit silly. But just a bit...

Charity Starchenko