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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Baby V Now Comes With Bows

Verity is losing her hair - there's just no denying it anymore.  So gone were the hopes that she'd be able to wear bows in her hair.  Until I remembered seeing headbands that you can change out bows with so even those with no hair can still accessorize.  So I made one last week:
I basically just wrapped a plastic headband with white ribbon and then made a loop off to one side that was big enough to clip a bow on.  So easy!
Sorry for the bad pictures, I'm having a little trouble with my camera right now.  I've done something to it and I can't figure out what I did.  But isn't she precious?  I mean, she was precious before, the bow just accents it.  


Shannon said...

I want you to know that I showed this blog to my mom (who knows nothing about computers) and she really wants to be able to read this, so I'm having to set it up where she can see it when you update. She thought you had really great ideas. :) So, good job! The bows look great btw.

Anonymous said...

Once again little Verity appears to look so serious in her photos...she seems to be a very introspective baby as she watches her mommy create- create and CREATE!
These pictures are just precious!