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Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday Helps

How I Want Our Children To Face Our Deaths
(encouraging, Biblical testimonies from young girls faced with their father's cancer)

New, Encouraging Voice of the Martyrs Book, (buy it here)
The Story of Iranian Christians

RC Sproul on the Poor in the Bible
recent message in Ligonier's series on money and stewardship

Upcoming John Owen book
on sin and temptation

Free Online John Owen Works

where to find the old stuff free

A Smorgasboard of Solid Sermons from Ligon Duncan's Church
Many Bible books and more available from FPC-Jackson

I can't believe John Blau beat me to this . . . Anyone who knows me should be amazed that I just now found this link, but God did use it to remind me how much I love Johnny Blau. And how I want to open up a Bojangle's franchise overseas . . .

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