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Monday, July 24, 2006

Monday Catch-Up

This weekend was a blast. Friday night we hung out with the Sylvies, Saturday we went to a great wedding (see vows below) and then an Olympic-level baseball game, and Sunday we worshipped with our church and relaxed together at home.

Some links:
Quiet-Time Guilt - a freeing, grace-filled, God-sent article that explains how the legalism of quiet-times has hurt the body of Christ and how the Bible helps us to see things rightly. Several of you have been helped by this, so I plan to post a summary of it soon. (HT again: Tim Challies)

USA Baseball - the official site of USA baseball. Go check them out if they are in your town.

Free online books -'s book site. Look for John Angell James and other Puritans (see below).

Tailenders - what we are watching on PBS tomorrow night. A documentary about Christian missionaries using primitive technology to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to unreached, untouched, untranslated people groups.

These are some of the wonderful vows used at our friends' wedding Saturday, taken from Puritan John Angell James:
1. Will you use watchfulness and care to each others' spiritual and eternal welfare?
2. Will you pray for each other and with each other?
3. Will you gently and affectionately bring to bear each others sins and defects?
4. Will you strive to stimulate the other unto spiritual ends by being a holy example?
5. Will you warn in temptation, comfort in dejection, and in every way assist one another in your pilgrimmage to your true home?
6. Will you converse often together on the themes of redemption by Christ, and eternal salvation?
7. Will you study each others' dispositions, weaknesses, troubles, decays in piety, that you may apply suitable remedies?
8. Will you exhort one another lest you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin?
9. Will you encourage one another to make communion with God your greatest priority?
10. Will you love Christ and labor together to make Him known?
11. Will you mutually share your thoughts, perplexities, joys, fears, and sorrows?
12. Will you lay down your lives that the other may hear the words from our Lord, "Well done good and faithful servant"?

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