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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Life in NC

A good buddy of mine just asked me how life was back in NC. So, Stephen, this is for you:

Summer in NC
a poem

Summer in Caroliney, there's always a way
to get drenched and sweaty most any old day
or maybe just chill on a porch at night
and slap at 'skeeters bite after bite.

Often we take short walks to the store
and buy food so we can give even more.
Talking to homeless folks never gets old,
even it's late and you don't feel so bold.

So yes the rain, it comes and flows,
and when it stops, it breeds mosquitos.
But it keeps things so quiet at work,
finishing is done with a happy smirk!

(and yeah, there's other stuff,
like being late waking up,
eating good food and loving our church,
family and friends coming often for meals,
burning the rubber right off the wheels,
family devotions and reading at night,
movies and laughter and some late nights,
but to add those would take more time,
and besides, they don't rhyme.)

So Stephen, it must seem weird far across the sea,
and I'm sure you miss church, Supe, and the B's
but keep pressing on, our good Lord to know,
His saving grace He promised ever to show,
and no matter where in the world you may be,
in spirit you'll always be with us in NC.

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