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Friday, July 20, 2007

The Girl of Many Faces

Time is ticking away! It's already the end of July and I feel like summer just began. Do you remember when you were a kid and you felt like the days were an eternity long and your parents told you that time speeds up as you get older? I guess I'm "older" now.

Charissa is almost six months old! And she is developing into quite a little lady. Occasionally people ask me if I'm bored staying at home with a baby all day, and I always emphatically answer "NO!" I wish they could spend the day with me and Charissa sometime - she is very entertaining! Just her facial expressions are entertaining ... and she's nonstop action (just like her Daddy). And here's the proof:

Charissa loves the swing! In fact, she's wondering when we're
going to stop taking pictures and push her again

This is Charissa's first time at the beach!
And she's kind of skeptical of sand - just like her Mama.

This soft, wet sand is weird!

She's not sure she likes the beach.

I know you can't see her face but this picture is so funny to me
because she literally fell asleep when I was changing her into her
bathing suit to go to the pool. Too tired to go swimming!

Isn't that funny? She looks both happy and angry.

While we were at the beach Charissa got to know her cousin
Dirk and decided that he makes her list of "Fun People to be Held By."

Charissa was supposed to be playing in the floor gym, but instead
she rolled away from it - and took the bunny with her!

She's watching television. Totally captivated.

This is her new favorite toy, and mine too
because she can't go anywhere!

Daddy + Swings = Big Fun!

So small and yet so much fun! I love my little girl!

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