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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Baby Present Ideas

It seems like every time I turn around another couple I know is having a baby! Which means that baby shower invitations are on the horizon. And this has me thinking, "What would a really great baby present be for new parents?" Having just had a baby myself and having a few months to reflect on what was helpful, what wasn't, and what I wished I had received I thought I might share for those of you who are also about to start hitting the local Babies 'r' Us.

Great Baby Presents:
  • Books for the baby
  • Gift cards to Blockbuster
  • Diapers with scripture, songs, or anything written on them to make diaper changing more fun.
  • Wipes!
  • Stain remover
  • Gift cards to get pictures developed (trust me - they can use this!)
  • Toys for various stages of the first year
  • Gift cards to the grocery store
  • A meal given when the baby is two months old
  • Offers to babysit
  • Money for doctor's visits - there will be a lot of them! (Julie S. gave me this idea)

Also, after the baby is born, here are a few things that some moms might find helpful:
  • Instead of asking if they need anything from the grocery store, just get a few staples and take them to their house (cereal, fresh fruit and vegetables, a frozen meal, etc.)
  • When you stop by for a visit, ask if there is anything you can do and don't take "no" for an answer! Find something to wash, clean, or fold.
  • If you take them a meal, dessert, or snack try to take it in a container you don't need returned or at least offer to pick it up instead of having them take it back to you

I may post more as I think of things - or as others tell me what was helpful for them!

1 comment:

Big B said...

Category #1 - Why not buy a pet kitten for the whole family? Nothing says "I love your new baby" like a house full of cat fur.

Category #2 - How about offering to be the on-call poopy-diaper-changer? Whenever there's an extremely dirty diaper, you immediately come over and change it. Now, that says loving care.