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Monday, July 16, 2007

July Weekends

This month sure has been fun, and hectic. We've been to three weddings, two road trips, one family vacation, and four different grocery stores. Highlights have included:
  • better times with Jesus
  • many good conversations with each other
  • playing with our baby in several different pools
  • getting rid of the many, many computers in our bedroom
  • Big B getting a haircut
  • playing settlers with the Haynes and Woods families
  • eating the most gigantic vacation dinners we've had since . . . we can't remember when
  • going on neighborhood walks
  • sitting on the front porch and reading
  • gettting an big family portrait while dressed as outlaws and barmaids
  • giving our time and lives to those we love
  • laughing a lot, especially with our friends
  • reading our Bibles more
  • seeing two wonderful, God-loving couples get married
  • seeing some good movies (Bridge to Terabithia, Band of Brothers episode 1, and To End All Wars, among others)
  • making up funny songs about rolling and diapers and all sorts of stuff
  • watching our baby roll across the living room floor in less than two minutes
  • getting lost on the way to Youngsville
  • meeting new friends at the local park
Well, that's all for now. I just wanted to remember, and laugh some, too.

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