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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Ideas for Next Year

    I don't know about you, but sometimes I find a really good idea for a holiday a few days after the holiday is over.  I have a file on my computer to keep track of these ideas so I can use them the next time.  So for any of you who do the same, I have a few good ideas for you.  

    Sarah over at Create Studio shared how her mother used plastic Easter eggs to share the Gospel.  Each egg has a scripture and an object in it going through the death and resurrection of Jesus.  Since these were super easy to assemble, I made them one day before dinner and we went through them after dinner.  Charissa had a lot of fun playing with all the little objects, and we were able to go through a lot of the Gospel with her.

    Another idea came from a friend of mine from church.   Again, it was something her mom did with her every year.  They're called Resurrection Cookies and with each ingredient you talk about one aspect of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.  The Gospel and cookies?  Now that's pretty cool.  

    So store these ideas away for next year.  And what holiday is coming up next that I can celebrate?   I have a desire to decorate and celebrate.  

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