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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Just a friendly reminder ...

... it's time to register to vote! The registration deadlines for the May 6 primary is April 11th (one week from tomorrow). Here are the different ways to register:

1. In person, at a county board of elections office.
2. In person, at one-stop absentee voting sites.
  • You can register (and vote at the same time) at any one-stop absentee voting site. Check the Board of Elections for locations and hours.
3. In person, at many government offices.
  • You can get a registration form at Driver's License offices, Employment Security Commission offices, most Social Service agencies, and many libraries and schools. Government offices will also turn in your filled out form for you.
4. In person, during a voter registration drive.
  • Many civic groups and political parties set up tables in public places. Usually they will turn completed forms in as well.
5. By mail. (This method is the easiest and you can complete it in about 5 minutes from the time you read this. As long as you have a stamp.)
  • You can get a form from the County Board of Elections, or print one off from the State Board of Elections' website at
Rules About Registering:
  • You must be a US Citizen and at least 18 years old by the date of the next general election
  • You must be a resident of North Carolina and the county precinct where you want to vote for at least 30 days before the election
  • You can't be a convicted felon still serving any part of your sentence.
  • You must provide your North Carolina driver's license number (if you have one).
  • If you don't have a NC driver's license, you must provide the last four digits of your Social Security number on the registration form.

I know I don't usually blog or talk about political things, but I do think it is our civic responsibility and obligation to vote. It just makes me sad that more people vote for American Idol contestants than vote for our nation's leaders.

1 comment:

Ben, Becca, and Caeden said...

Thank you so much for the reminder and the ways to register! I had no idea when the deadline was and even less idea exactly how to go about it. I agree with you and am thankful that you mentioned it!