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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Tuesday Tip - Don't Watch LOST

For those of you who have never watched LOST, seen it a few times, or don't even know what it is, I give you this warning: Don't watch LOST! Don't be tempted by people who say, "Oh it's the best show! It's so intriguing and it makes you think. And at the end of each show you just want to watch the next one!" Don't do it. Don't get sucked in. That's what the people at ABC want. They know that after you watch the first episode, you'll never stop. You'll watch episode after episode as fast as you can. You'll think about it during the day and wonder what happens to Jack and Kate next. You begin to call people by nicknames like Sawyer. And it only goes downhill from there. There are tons of websites theorizing about LOST and the situations that come up during the show. Once you start watching, it's addicting and it just draws you in closer and closer.

Trust me, I know the dangers. I've been sucked in. I never saw it coming when some friends invited us over for dinner and to watch a little television. It was a set-up. They planned it all along. Now, I can't stop. And if you think I'm bad, you should talk to my husband. I've never seen him so into a television show.

I only hope this message helps some of you who are considering watching LOST. Just say no. Turn off the TV and walk away.

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