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Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Professional Homemaker

When I was in college I took this education course that talked about the differences between a lay position and a professional position. We had to discuss what made someone a professional. Several things we discussed was that a professional had to study about their subject first, they were often licensed by an outside source, it was a career and not just a job, and that they were affirmed by other professionals.

I got to thinking about this the other day because I feel like I'm on the road to becoming a professional homemaker. It all started because I bought a vacuum cleaner. But it wasn't just that I went to the store and got the coolest looking one - I did research. I read Consumer Report and looked at dozens of models. I compared their strengths and weaknesses, their features, and I read a ton of reviews by professionals and by the people who had bought them. It was a pretty lengthy process for a vacuum.

But I finally bought my vacuum! And it's amazing! I purchased a Kenmore Progressive. It's so cool! Which I know sounds really weird because I'm talking about a vacuum cleaner - but this is no ordinary vacuum cleaner. It has a "dirt sensor" on it that detects how dirty your floors are and it changes it's suction based on that so you don't over-stress your carpet fibers, and it also tells you when your carpet is clean. Imagine that! True, that could be annoying at times when you think your carpet is clean and the vacuum still has the red light on, but when the green light comes on I know my carpets are clean.

Anyway - all that to say that I feel like I'm starting to become a professional homemaker. I mean, it's definitely my career and not just a temporary job. And as most of you know, I've put a LOT of study into how to run a home (mostly because I had no clue how to do anything when I got married). Just don't rat me out to the authorities that I'm homemaking without a license.

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