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Monday, November 24, 2008

Fun Pregnancy Games

When you hit the last few weeks of pregnancy your belly gets really big and the baby starts to get a little crowded in there.  Britt and I have invented a fun game just for the occasion - Guess The Body Part.  When Baby V is moving around or lodged somewhere we can feel her really well, we try to guess what body part it is that we're feeling.  Sometimes it's really obvious (like with feet), but most of the time it's just guessing.  I think we guess "hiney" a lot (that's the word we're teaching CJ for buttocks).  

Other fun end of pregnancy games include:
  • Guess How Many Times I'll Get Up Tonight
  • What's She Craving? (bonus points if the food is offered)
  • Toenail Painting: How Many Ways Can You Scrunch Yourself Up to Try to Paint Your Nails
  • Does This Shirt Still Fit?
Enjoy the end of pregnancy!  It'll soon be over and you'll forget all the fun of having a baby in you.  

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