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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday Tip - Do not lay up treasures on earth ...

... where toddlers can pee and poop on them.  

Last week I bought a new down comforter for the duvet on Charissa's bed.  It was the last piece I needed to complete the girls' bedroom.  I debated putting it on her bed thinking "what if she gets it dirty?" and doubting if she'll even sleep under it.  I finally decided to put it on her bed and we've been working on sleeping under the comforter.  

This morning I go into her room to get her up and discover that she's peed and pooped through her clothes and thus onto all of her bedding.  And since she was on top of the comforter, she messed up every layer of her bedding set.  The first thought that went through my head was "You just soiled $400 worth of bedding!!"  Not exactly the loving-mama response to a dirty child.  

I realized shortly thereafter how much I was valuing her bedding and keeping it in pristine condition - which is just ridiculous.  So I apologized to Charissa for my attitude towards her and her accident this morning.  They are just things.  They can be washed.  They can be replaced.  They can even be stained.  

I'm glad I had this little reminder this morning to help me keep perspective on our possessions.  I'm sure with the addition of Baby V I'll get many more reminders like I did this morning.  

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