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Monday, December 22, 2008

Due Date Fun

Well, Verity decided that she didn't want to make her entrance into the world on her due date.  I'm actually a little bit thankful for that.  Charissa and I both got stomach bugs over the weekend and spent two days out of commission.  Even though I really wanted to see my little baby girl, I knew that it would be safer for her to stay put until Charissa and I were better.  Which we now are - so she's free to come any day now.  

Today we celebrated Christmas together as a family.  We do stockings together every year as just as our family.  Britt has two whole weeks off of work, and today was the first day of our Christmas vacation.  So this morning we got up and had a special breakfast and then dug into our stockings.  Charissa really enjoyed going through all the "socks" and finding all sorts of goodies.  

It seemed appropriate for Charissa to wear her Baby Claus outfit today.  This outfit is a little big, so it makes her look even skinnier than she is.
Here she is "helping" me open my stocking.
And now helping Daddy take out his new Dr. Scholl's.  
Reading her new "Go, Dog, Go" book.
Trying on our new bracelets.

It was a pretty fun morning.  We spent the rest of the day doing some house-keeping things (you have to stay on top of that when your baby is expected at any moment), and running a few errands.  

Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment so hopefully we'll hear some good news.  Either way they'll go ahead and schedule my induction while I'm there tomorrow, so at least we'll know when the end is.  It'll be nice to know that by X day we'll have our baby.  I'm still praying that she comes on her own though.  And soon!

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